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For those who enroll

If you are a high-school student and are about to take your final exams, this section provides the principal information on the first steps to take if you choose the Faculty of Economics.

What is studied at the Faculty of Economics: choosing a degree course

The first thing is to identify the reasons why you want to go to university.
Studying at university requires a different commitment to the one to which you are accustomed. You must learn to organise the time and methods you dedicate to study independently, meaning you must learn to manage the time you dedicate to lectures and to individual study for exams within the timetable laid down for your course. Remember that choosing the right faculty for you is fundamental for your professional future.
If you are still undecided, contact the Faculty’s on line tutoring service.
If you choose the Faculty of Economics, you will learn to interpret the basic economic principles of modern economies and about the factors which guide growth and well-being of populations; you will study the methods of management of firms and financial markets and the role of rules and law in economic processes and you will also acquire quantitative and statistical knowledge for processing and analysis of current financial and economic data. Approach this decisive moment for your future with greater awareness by reading the presentation of the Faculty of Economics completely and then choose the three-year course which seems the most appropriate for your aptitudes and aspirations. If you need further information, please participate in the orientation days, when you can visit the Faculty, meet several lecturers, acquire other information and material on all the degree courses, the entry test and all the services offered by the Faculty. There is an on line tutoring service to help you prepare for the entry test.
If you want information on how much university costs, whether financial assistance is available, if there is student accommodation off campus and any other information on life on a university campus, also visit the Milan Bicocca University website, and, in particular, click on the sections “Want to enrol?” and “The Campus”.