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University and work

Internship Office and services

This structure is a reference point for companies, public / private bodies and the entire University. It deals in particular with the preparation of conventions to be drawn up with companies and associations, training projects, insurance coverage and the implementation of the norms. Students interested in doing an internship must contact the offices in the various faculties. The Internship office keeps in direct contact with students and teaching staff, takes in the cv’s, selects the candidates to submit to companies and keeps in constant contact with the companies.

The University Internship Service (online) is a system for managing internships and apprenticeship periods planned and realized by the University in the context of the Campus One Project.

The Faculty of Economics organizes training periods and manages contacts with the companies. The main purpose is to create an on-going relationship with the world of work.
The companies taking part in the convention are all in important sections of the market, from finance to industry, company consultancy to marketing, public administration to retailing.

Uffici Stage della Facoltà di Economia
Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi 8, 20126 Milan
For information consult the pages on the degree courses.

Ufficio Stage di Ateneo
Piazza dell`Ateneo Nuovo 1, Edificio U6, 4° piano, stanza 4130.
Hours: Monday thru Friday from 10.00 to 12.00
Telephone : 02/6448.6107/6197
E-mail: stage@unimib.it
Site: http://www.stage.unimib.it

Apprentice activity

In 2008/2009, the Faculty and Assirevi (The Italian Association of Auditors ) signed an agreement with the aim of guaranteeing a two-year training experience for students enrolled in the “Amministrazione, Auditing e Controllo” programme for a Master's degree in Business Studies.

The convention is open to second-year students who from the second semester onwards have:

a) taken at first degree level an exam on Company Auditing, otherwise they will have to sit for the exam;
b) chosen the exam of Management Accounting and Controlling on offer as an optional.
c) taken regularly the first-year exams with an average of not less than 26/30, and be under the age of 27.

Students who take part in the convention will be awarded 4 credits as “Other training activities”, art. 10 comma 5, lett. D