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Banking and insurance

Co-ordinator Prof. Arturo Patarnello
For further information contact ecoban@unimib.it

Finance is at the crossroads of modern economies. This statement, widespread in professional circles, attributes to finance the function of a crossroads for the interaction of economic agents in advanced economies. Everyday, in fact, we all come across the financial system, which the financing of production and economic exchanges depend on, and in the ultimate analysis the development and wellbeing of an economic and social system. The importance of the financial system is so great that issues concerning its integrity and correct functioning, e.g. the recent problems of ethical behaviour in finance, are on government agendas.

The degree programme in Banking and Insurance focuses on the mechanisms of the financial system, analyses the technical characteristics of financial contracts and studies the operational and organizational forms of markets and financial intermediaries, as well as familiarises with the logic and dynamics of the regulations disciplining the sector.

The programmes of the first two years furnish interdisciplinary skills appertaining to the areas of business management, political economy, quantitative methods and legal subjects, which are the fundamentals in a Faculty of Economics. The third year then offers a specialization centred on financial intermediation.

The core subjects are indispensable tools for facing knowledgeably the various courses in the second and third year which indepth specific sectors of intermediation (financing, stockmarket investments, insurance) and for developing economic, mathematical and legal instruments which belong to the profession.

On graduating, students will be able to choose different careers, either with financial intermediaries and consultants or within the financial area of industrial and services companies.

For a wider vision of the financial sector and professional opportunities on offer, students are advised to consult the following web sites: www.assiom.it; www.borsaitalia.it; www.abi.it; www.assofin.it; www.ania.it; www.ecb.int; www.bis.org; www.bancaditalia.it; www.consob.it; www.isvap.it ; www.accenture.it

Prof. Arturo Patarnello