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Marketing, Corporate Communication and Global Markets

Co-ordinator Prof. Silvio Brondoni
For further information contact ecomark@unimib.it

The Degree Course in Marketing, Corporate Communication and Global Markets lasts three years, including time for the final dissertation/internship. To graduate in Marketing, Corporate Communication and Global Markets, 180 credits are required, to be obtained by passing the exams pertaining to the 20 courses. A further requirement is a final examination in the form of a dissertation, as well as a pass in IT (1 credit), essential for developing the competences which characterise the course.
The aim of this undergraduate course is to supply an appropriate training for:  

  • immediate access to first-level careers in market and business communication agencies particularly within internationally focussed companies with an orientation towards the development of immaterial resources;
  • access to second-level courses like first-level master’s and postgraduate degrees. In particular the Degree Course in Marketing, Corporate Communication and Global Markets is organized so as to reach its natural completion in the postgraduate degree in Marketing and Global Markets offered by this University. It provides students with further indepth studies and critical analyses in the field of economics and business studies, with special attention given to Marketing and Corporate Communication in the context of Market-Driven Management.

Course Objectives
The Degree Course in Marketing, Corporate Communication and Global Markets belongs to the section of economics and business degrees of the Faculty, and offers students a solid grounding in company management and administration as well as economic and legal studies. The course features a marked quantitative trend, and is staffed both by academics and marketing/ communication managers with a vast experience of global markets.

One of the aims of this course is to familiarise students with the competitive spirit needed to face the market, in order to trace out a professional path in global markets. In this way a competitive spirit blends with the study of the basic dynamics of corporate communication, which is the main vehicle in the globalization of markets. Competitiveness means that students are able to read marketing activities in the light of: disappearing national, physical, linguistic and administrative borders; development of digital communication, new consumers and new markets.

Prof. Silvio Brondoni