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Management Accounting

Co-ordinator Prof. Alberto Nobolo
Per ulteriori informazioni scrivere a ecoamm@unimib.it

The three–year degree course in Management Accounting aims to provide students with a professional approach to business administration. This degree programme allows students not only to carry out activities like accounting, financial and economic analysis, internal auditing in both small and medium-sized companies, but also guarantees a specific training in the subjects listed in art.4 of D.Lgs 39 of 27th January 2010 as obligatory for the State examination for enrolment in the State Register of Certified Public Accountants.

Furthermore, this degree course complies with the MUIR/CNDCEC Agreement of 13th October 2010, so that those holding it are exempt from the first paper in the State Examination for access to Section B of the State Register of Professional and Certified Public Accountants.
To graduate in Management Accounting 180 credits are required, to be obtained by passing the exams pertaining to the 20 courses. A further requirement is a final examination in the form of a dissertation, as well as a pass in IT (1 credit), essential for developing the competences which characterise the course.

Also available is a programme in Management, Statistics and IT, which focuses on quantitative methods applied to the business and financial sectors.

Professional openings are to be found in managerial careers and as CPAs once the state examination has been passed. The main areas of employment are in the administration, finance and auditing positions.

For graduates who have chosen the appropriate programme (Management, Statistics and IT) openings can also be found in activities concerning statistical analysis and the development/control of information systems of firms.

Prof. Alberto Nobolo