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Programme Overview

ECONOMICS  (Scienze dell'Economia)

Director of Studies
Prof.ssa Marcella Polisicchio
Admission Officer
Prof.ssa Piergiovanna Natale (piergiovanna.natale@unimib.it)
Programme Overview a.a. 2013-14 
The Master’s degree in Economics prepares its students to address the challenges of the future: What is a global world? How do markets change and how do companies react in front of a world which is increasingly “interconnected?” What is the role of governments and supranational organizations?

Our approach features two elements: it is multidisciplinary and methodologically rigorous. To respond to the requests of a changing world our Master’s in Economics offer a wide range of in depth competences in the following:
  • Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Game Theory, Theory of the Firm, International Economics, Development Economics, Labour Economics, Econometrics, History of Economic Thought …);
  • Business (Management, Strategy, Corporate Finance…);
  • Law (Law & Economics, European Law, Labour Law…);

Professional openings

The programme forms people able to analyse in depth economic phenomena both at macro and micro levels. These are the competences required by large financial and industrial groups, in consultancy, by central banks, international organizations, regulatory authorities, trade and professional associations, private and public research centres, the economic press, universities.