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Programme Overview


MARKETING AND GLOBAL MARKETS (Marketing e mercati globali)


COORDINATOR  Prof. Silvio Brondoni
REFERENTE  for further information contact: Dott.ssa Antonella Grassi, Manager Didattico ECOMARKS: antonella.grassi@unimib.it


Introduction a.a. 2013-14 

The Master’s in Marketing and Global Markets belongs to the Class of Master’s Degrees LM 77.
The two-year course includes final thesis and indepth activities in Marketing & Corporate Communication like internships, traineeships, workshops, etc. For a Master’s in Marketing and Global Markets, students are required to obtain 120 credits by passing the examinations pertaining to their 12 courses plus the final exam, language and IT tests. The Master’s in Marketing and Global Markets is structured to offer an appropriate training for:

  • graduates to be qualified to enter the job market with functions of marketing and corporate communication, especially in organizations with a strong international outlook and directed decidedly at developing immaterial resources;
  • access higher level specialisation courses like second-level Master’s degrees or Ph.ds.

The Master’s in Marketing and Global Markets offers the necessary basis for going on to the Ph.d in Marketing and Management on offer in the Milan-Bicocca University, held jointly with seven other Italian universities well-known for their teaching and research in Management.

Specific aims and course content

The specific aims of the Master’s in Marketing and Global Markets are the following:

  • acquisition of advanced knowledge and competences concerning Marketing Management and Communication Management, with particular reference to companies operating in global markets;
  • acquisition of complimentary specific knowledge and competences relating to managerial openings in companies or in initial research positions in order to enter the world of scientific research.

The knowledge and competences acquired can be completed from the various areas:

  • business (company evaluation);
  • economics (models of inter-sectoral global competition); 
  • law (competition law, communication law, privacy, supranational organisations); 
  • quantitative – mainly statistics (analytical and explicative models for operational marketing).

 First year lessons will start on 2013, October 15.

Prof. Silvio Brondoni

Entry requirements (Criteri di ammissione)   

How to apply (Modalita' di iscrizione)