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Program overview

Prof. Giovanni Tonini
for further information contact: ecoturs@unimib.it

Program overview a.a. 2012-13 

Tourism is more important than ever today, given the way it can contribute to the general processes of economic and social growth. In this context the Master’s in Tourism Economics and Management in Class LM-76 of Economic Studies for the Environment and Culture offers students:

  • an advanced, qualified cultural and professional training, founded on an in-depth knowledge of the political economy, business and legal areas, integrated with mathematics, statistics and IT, so allowing them to tackle the decision-making processes proper to a well-functioning tourist system interlinked with the environment and culture.
  • the instruments in order to be able to speak and write two EU languages, as well as Italian.
  • the qualified knowledge to analyse, plan and use IT systems and decision-making processes within the tourism system.

 As for openings in the job market, the Degree Course aims to furnish the methodologies and technical-operative instruments necessary for success in high-level careers in the economic sector of tourism.

Our training aims to form professional figures capable of working as independent entrepreneurs or in positions of high responsibility within the sector of tourist management operations, or work as consultants or researchers in centres for tourism studies and public/private tourism bodies.

Prof. Giovanni Tonini

Entry requirements (Criteri di ammissione)   

How to apply (Modalita' di ammissione)

The lessons will begin on October, monday 31th, 2011.