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Programme Overview


COORDINATOR Prof. Giovanni Zambruno
for further information contact: ecofin@unimib.it

Programme Overview a.a. 2012-13 [EN.PDF]

The objective of the program consists in establishing specialized skills in the financial sector, with particular reference to the analysis of markets, portfolio management, derivative pricing and the assessment of the various types of risks connected with bank intermediation.
Furthermore, this degree gives access to higher-level courses (PhD), and provide a suitable background for access to the professional exams of Actuaries.

The peculiar feature of this course, as compared with the similar ones in the same class, consists in focusing especially in the quantitative, financial and economic areas, as is demanded by modern professional styles. Indeed, the course is structured in order to provide knowledge and enhance skills in the relevant fields, starting from a wide and solid background preparation coupled with specialized activities aimed at introducing to operational matters.

More specifically, the courses in the economic area cover such topics as the market microstructure and the price formation process: this is particularly fit for students who intend to become market analysts in banks, investment companies or research institutes. The quantitative courses provide the tools necessary to develop consistent modelling for the pricing of financial securities, the portfolio management and the assessment of risk. In this view they are particularly valuable for those interested in financial trading and risk management. Finally, the financial part of the program addresses the bank management, specifically the asset-liability management and the credit risk


Prof. Giovanni Zambruno


Entry requirements (Criteri di ammissione)   

How to apply (Modalita' di iscrizione)