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Entry requirements

Entry requirements (Criteri di ammissione)

For access to the Master's degree in Economics and Finance, both of the following requirements are necessary:

  • attainment, by the summer session of the academic year 2010-11, of a Bachelor's degree in classes L-17 and L-28 (according to Law 509) or L-18 and L-33 (according to Law 270), with grades of at least 110/110;
  • attainment, during the undergraduate degree course, of at least 6 University Credits in the English language and at least 3 University Credits in IT disciplines (INF/01).


For students who do not have one or more of the requirements listed above, admission to the Master’s degree course is subject to passing an interview with a panel composed of the course coordinator and one full professor appointed by the Faculty Council upon proposal by the Dean, aimed at assessing the reasons for access and ascertaining personal preparation in relation to:

  • business and economics;
  • mathematical and statistical tools applied to business and economics;
  • legal principles and institutions.

Basic knowledge of IT skills and sufficient mastery of the English language will also be ascertained.