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Student employment

Students have the opportunity of working part-time in activities connected with the good functioning of the university, with the exclusion of those activities relating to teaching, exams and the administration of the Faculty.

This work is normally reserved for students of the Faculty of Economics who re-enrol for the academic year and who have declared their financial status. Students who wish to apply for work must have passed at least two fifths of the annual exams or have acquired two fifths of the credits required by their curriculum.

Those interested must first register with a database (via the on-line Administration Office) and then, after publication of the tenders, submit applications for specific ones. The lists of applicants are then transmitted to the external examination boards. Registration is through the on –line Administration Office terminals.
On registering, a printout is received immediately of the duly compiled form, which must be submitted to the examination board.

The work may only be performed on university premises or in other premises used by the university for its activities.
This work may not last more than a maximum total of 150 hours during one academic year and is paid.