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Tandem Project

Are you a Student from the Faculty of Economics? Would you like to get in touch with Erasmus students staying with us ? You could like to practice foreign languages, help them with bureaucratic procedures and maybe enjoy some interesting conversation . Please send an e-mail to coordinatore.erasmus.economia@unimib.it, stating the foreign language /country you are interested in. The Erasmus Office will put you in contact with the foreign students who have asked to take part in the Tandem Project (One Unimib student to each Incoming Erasmus guest).

Dear Incoming students,
One of the aims of the Erasmus Office is to promote intercultural and linguistic exchanges during your Erasmus stay here in Bicocca.
Our idea is for you all to get to know Italian students, who will be able to help you to settle into a new milieu, familiarise with the customs and have some language practice at the same time.

If you are interested, please send this email back to the Erasmus Office, giving your:
Name and Surname:
mother tongue:
country of origin.
We will then come back to you with the name of an Italian student interested in you and your country.