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Rules for exam enrolment

All Incoming Erasmus students who wish to receive their exam grades at their home university must register online for each exam, either on the internet or using a SIFA terminal on campus.

Students should first check that all the exams they have chosen on the Learning Agreement upon their arrival have been correctly uploaded to their online exam booklet, which is present on every student’s personal page. In case you should encounter problems at this stage because some of your exams are missing, please contact an Incoming Mobility Assistant at our office.

PARTIAL EXAMINATIONS which some professors might have in their courses do not have any official legal value. Therefore students who have taken partial or total exams during the semester previous to the official exam date still need to register for the exam in question on the sifa website. Otherwise, any grade you have received unofficially by your professor will not be registered in the system. Only once you have registered online will your professor be able to upload the grade to your sifa page and only then will you receive a Transcript of Records from our international office.

Online registration for exams opens 14 days before the official date of the exam and closes 3 working days before the exam.

Usually there are 2 exam dates for each course per exam session (one in the beginning and one in the end of the session).

If you have passed an exam (minimum passing grade 18/30. Below this grade your exam will be considered negative and will consequently not appear on your TOR), your professor will register the grade online and you will receive an email confirming the grade you have obtained in that examination. You will have 3 working days from the reception of the email to object to the grade, if necessary. After 3 days, your grade will be final and will be thus printed on your TOR.

In case you should not pass the exam, wait until the next exam date or session to register again on the sifa webpage.

If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Mobility Assistant for Incoming Erasmus students of the School of Economics. They are at your disposal.

Have a nice Erasmus stay at our university!